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Arthritis, rheumatism & psoriasis

Jan de Vries shows how symptoms may be reversed by a simple nutritional and natural approach

Arthritis, psoriasis, and related rheumatic diseases are all enormous and growing problems throughout the world, with as many as 80 million people suffering from one or other of these conditions.

Patients seeking relief or help from doctors or hospitals are often informed that they simply have to live with their illness and that little can be done.

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In this book, Jan de Vries shows how the symptoms can be reversed by a simple nutritional and natural approach, with none of the terrible side effects that can sometimes accompany a course of drugs.

Arthritis, rheumatism and psoriasis draws attention to a great variety of home remedies, from homoeopathy to herbs, and places particular emphasis on diet as a source of cure.

ISBN 1-84018-558-9

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