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Asthma & bronchitis

Sensible advice and simple methods of self-help

It is clear that asthma and bronchitis are on the increase, especially in Britain, and there are strong indications that this rise may be linked to atmospheric influences.

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Jan de Vries has over 40 years’ experience of treating these conditions and in this important title in the By Appointment Only series he sets out his own ideas about respiratory disorders.

He shows, for example, how many allergic reactions can result in asthma-related problems, hayfever being a case in point. Viruses, bacteria and irritants may result in dry coughs, mucus formation, breathlessness, muscle pain and even light fever, depression and sometimes emphysema. Emphysema is known to be incurable, but Jan de Vries shows his treatments can bring welcome relief.

Over the years, his natural therapies have helped many asthma sufferers by rebuilding their immune systems through good and balanced diets. Here he details simple exercises to relieve the symptoms – even of an asthma attack. Asthma and bronchitis is full of sensible advice and simple methods of self-help, highly praised in the medical profession.

ISBN 1-84018-554-6

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