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Hidden Dangers in what we Eat and Drink

Improve your health through wise choices of food and drink

Hidden dangers in what we eat and drink deals succinctly with the health hazards that we are exposed to in modern life. Our western diet contains many hidden dangers, such as chemical additives and preservatives that can have adverse physical and mental effects, particularly on children.

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The growth in behavioural problems like ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity and autism are reflective of an unbalanced diet and allergies in childhood. This book contains invaluable advice on alternatives to Ritalin and other drugs, such as treatment through dietary management and homeopathic and herbal remedies. It highlights potentially harmful substances in our food and environment and provides sensible advice on how to adjust our diet and lifestyle when difficulties arise.

This carefully researched book will help readers to improve their health through making wise choices regarding food and drink. Jan de Vries gives detailed information on additives and E numbers, explains the effects that these can have on children and recommends ways to avoid them. It is essential reading for those who want to ensure good health for their children and themselves, from pregnancy onwards.

ISBN 1-84018-516-3

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