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Jan de Vries autobiography

My Life & Work with Alfred Vogel

Jan de Vries autobiography part 3

My life and work with Alfred Vogel is the third volume of Jan de Vries’s memoirs covering his life and career as a renowned alternative health practitioner. 

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This volume focuses on his long and fruitful working relationship with the revered Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel, which prospered right up until Vogel’s death in 1996. Jan de Vries was the only person to whom Vogel taught his unique healing methods and philosophies, and as a result of their close professional links they also became great friends, sharing a mutual respect and trust over a period of 40 years.

In this revealing and informative memoir, de Vries details the methods employed by Vogel and the profound influence that the eminent herbalist and nutritionist had on him and his career. He reflects upon the controversial, often almost impossible, situations that he shared with Vogel as they travelled throughout the world to promote their methods and practices.

ISBN 1-84018-985-1

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