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My Life with Diabetes

Natural ways to approach the illness, through diet and healthy living

The ever growing problems of diabetes and hypoglycaemia are addressed in this long awaited book by Jan de Vries, himself a diabetic. Using his own experience of the condition, he pinpoints the possible causes of diabetes and advises authoritatively on its management.

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My life with diabetes suggests natural ways to approach the illness, through diet and healthy living. This book will be of great value to those who are directly affected, as well as to the friends and families of diabetics, in helping them to fully understand the facts relating to the condition.

With succinct advice on how diabetics can find their way to better health, Jan describes the many natural methods that can be used to control high and low blood sugar levels. Through dietary management and healthy living, sufferers can improve their condition. This much anticipated book also guides patients who are involved in long-term treatment, indicating how they can overcome related problems using complementary methods. Offering a wealth of direct and uncomplicated advice, My life with diabetes is an invaluable addition to the Healthcare series.

ISBN  978-1-84018-719-9

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