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Natures Gift of Food

Wholesome eating and the benefits of a balanced diet made simple in this look at nutrition.

Your food is your medicine and your medicine your food. So said Hippocrates, the father of medicine – and nothing could sum up the Jan de Vries approach to dietary management better.

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Over the past 35 years the number of people seeking his advice on food-related issues has increased dramatically, for although there are numerous books available on the subject, the information they contain is often contradictory and confusing – not surprising, maybe, when there are over 4,000 additives finding their way into our food every day.

But wholesome eating is, in fact, very simple and you need only the sensible guidance contained in this book. The results speak for themselves. A balanced diet produces a noticeable increase in energy levels fairly quickly.

Nutrition is a subject close to Jan de Vries’ heart and his enthusiasm is evident in this book. Easy to read and follow, it is a dietary plan for every household.

ISBN 1-84018-628-3

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