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New developments in Multiple Sclerosis

This book is a follow-up to Jan de Vries’s original book which enjoyed worldwide success, Multiple Sclerosis. Drawing on decades of experience of treating MS sufferers, Jan de Vries, who worked closely with the late Professor Roger MacDougall, now proves that a gluten-free diet is highly beneficial – not only as a means of controlling MS, but also for those suffering from autism and schizophrenia.

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This essential and eye-opening book includes a simple and thorough guide on how to follow a gluten-free diet in everyday life. Jayne Martin, an MS sufferer successfully treated by de Vries, shares with readers the challenges she has overcome in following the diet, and provides tasty and easy-to-follow recipes. New Developments for MS Sufferers is a practical, fascinating and worthwhile read for all those affected by this prevalent problem.

ISBN 1-84018-464-7

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