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Realistic Weight Control

Why weight problems occur, how best to avoid them and how to lose weight safely

Whatever you might call it – being overweight or corpulent or carrying excess fat – one thing is certain: obesity is one of the major problems of the developed world today. It is not simply a matter of being too fat: those who are severely overweight are prone to a tremendous range of other health problems such as back pain and coronary heart disease.

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In Realistic weight control Jan de Vries clearly and sensibly explains why these problems occur and how best to avoid them. Moreover, in view of the overwhelming variety of slimming methods on the market, each claiming to be better than the last, he points out the dangers to health caused by following an inappropriate diet.

Jan de Vries has decades of experience in dealing with weight-related problems, and has demonstrated a simple and successful route to healthy eating. This book explains his own scientifically proven methods, so that anyone can lose weight healthily and safely – the easy way. No exercise classes, no calorie-counting, no special foods. Instead, he advocates a carefully balanced diet which allows slimmers to eat most of the foods they like: a diet which fits easily into most people’s lifestyles.

ISBN 1-84018-559-7

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