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Healer or Poison?

Water is one of the basic necessities of life – no organism can survive without it. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly clear that our public water supply is not as pure as it should be and many are questioning its high chemical content.

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'Water scares’ are becoming all too frequent. Beaches, seas and oceans themselves are being increasingly contaminated. Plankton are beginning to die and the Earth is being deprived of one of its primary sources of oxygen.

In this important addition to the Nature's Gift Series, Jan de Vries discusses the implications of this self-inflicted damage and points out the health risks of the various forms of water contamination.

Yet, in its pure form, water is one of nature’s greatest healers and this volume draws on Jan de Vries’s extensive experience of the various water-treatment methods. It provides his readers with guidance and sensible advice on the benefits to be gained from pure, unadulterated water, and its safe use.

Anyone who has been perturbed or confused by the conflicting reports and guidelines concerning this important issue will welcome such a sensible and informative book.

ISBN 1-85158-341-6

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