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Who's Next?

The humorous reminiscences of an alternative medical practitioner

Readers of Jan de Vries’s immensely popular health books will already appreciate the wisdom and wit of ‘the healing Dutchman’. Now, in Who's next? Jan de Vries shares many of his most humorous experiences.

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Highly anecdotal, Who's next? is a frequently amusing, occasionally poignant book offering insights into what it is that makes so many thousands of people turn to the highly individual approach Jan de Vries has to health and healing.

His experiences have ranged from the weird to the wonderful and have contributed to the person he has become: his fascination with people and his love of nature, his fine attention to detail and understanding of sensitive problems are all rounded off by a strong and appealing sense of humour.

Who's next? shows to good effect this side of the remarkable Scottish-based complementary medical practitioner.

ISBN 1-85158-516-8

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