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Tiredness and sugar cravings, blooated tummy and no period for 2 months. My womb is apparently fybrus, I have gained weight gain and am feeling stressed all the time. Are these all common with the menopause?

Yes, this is common as you approach the menopause.

You may find a magnesium citrate supplement helpful for tiredness, low mood and the sugar cravings and it may be an idea to look at your diet.

Some women find in the menopause that they start to have problems metabolising carbs so if you are eating a lot of bread/pasta etc this may contribute to the bloating and weight gain.

You could try cutting down on carbs and increasing protein and vegetables, make sure too that you are drinking plenty of water as dehydration can make things worse.

Low iron and low thyroid can often appear at this stage and both can cause similar symptoms so it is a good idea to ask your doctor to test for these if they haven't already done so.

Our menopause tips page may also be of help to you.

Eileen Durward

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