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I am 51 and not had a period for 2 years, and apart from hot flushes thought I was sailing through the menopause. However over the last few months I am having problems sleeping and also having severe bloating and wind in my tummy, which is very painful - even being sick. Is this also due to the menopause?

It can be because lowered oestrogen affects bile production, which in turn affects digestion. Also, temperature changes (from flushes) can make it more difficult to sleep, and anyway it’s hard to get a proper night’s sleep with grumbling digestive symptoms!

Try taking Milk Thistle Complex before meals and a spot of Molkosan Vitality in your water. If the flushes aren’t under control try Menosan tincture to correct them.

I’d also suggest checking with your doctor to ensure it’s not your gallbladder playing up.

Eileen Durward

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