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I have not had a period for two years. Have I finished the menopause? I did not suffer from hot flushes but mild ones. I did suffer from tingling and hot feet though and some muscle aches especially in my legs. They seem to be getting better now. I would just like to feel normal again. Is this likely ever to happen again?

Most women go through the menopause with relatively little symptoms and usually your body does settle down afterwards but it is important to look after yourself well for this.

Make sure that you have a good diet, avoid processed foods, caffeine and high salt and sugar foods as much as possible and try to keep stress to a minimum.

Not easy I know but stress is a major factor in symptoms so do try to get some 'me-time' every day, it can work wonders!

You may find a female multivit can help support your system generally.

Eileen Durward

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