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I have lower back pain in the left side, including muscle spasms. Have been on codeine, paracetamol and tramadol. I am now on oramorph, paracetamol and 5mg of diazepam. Not doing a lot for the pain. I just don't know how to deal with this now. Any ideas what it could be!?

We cannot offer you a diagnosis obviously, as we are unable to examine you properly. 

I would suggest that going to see a good physiotherapist could help you get an answer to what is happening to you.

In the meantime things which cold be worth considering to try and help yourself could include:

 - A physical examination to determine if there is a mechanical issue, such as pelvic imbalance or a kink in the spine,

 - Taking magnesium and Valerian to help you cope with the muscular discomfort, especially at night,

 - Cutting out tea and coffee as these deplete magnesium which is needed for good muscle function.

Do you sit a little to one side in your chair or car seat? Do you spend a lot of time in a chair or seat each day? Due to the camber on the roads, I found I was sitting to the left in order to pull against the cars tendency to fade to one side of the road.

Perhaps your employer could invite an Occupational Therapist in.

Best wishes


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