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Could you please advise me whether fibromyalgia can affect the eyes in such a way that the eyesight is quite drastically affected?

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by headaches, which if bad enough can affect vision, so potentially, yes. It is also thought to be in part due to poor micro circulation, which the eyes rely upon, so again a theoretical yes as the retina at the rear third of the eye is packed full of blood vessels.

Fibromyalgia is unlikely to cause chronic sight loss, such as Glaucoma, Age-related macular degeneration, wet-form macular degeneration or cataract formation as these all have very much established contributory causes.

If you suffer other signs of poor peripheral circulation, such as Raynaud's (white finger) or Tinnitus, it may be worth trying an aid to micro circulation such as Ginkgo Biloba.

Other than that, please follow the guidelines for fibromyalgia on our website and make an appointment with an optician, as you may be provided with a diagnosis.

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