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For the past 8 weeks I have had a pain in my arm from the shoulder to the elbow, it is a nagging pain during the day and is unbearably painful for about half an hour in the morning before I get up. I have tried Volteron Cream but it hasn't helped. Can you please suggest something to alleviate the pain?

First, change everything!

If you use two or more pillows, reduce to just one. If you work at a computer, raise it up higher so you are not looking down at it. Place a rolled up towel behind the small of your back when sitting at a desk for long periods too. Change your driving position so that both your seat, reach t the steering wheel and hand position alters. For example, if your hands are high on the wheel, lower them.

Changing everyday positions like these will cause you to use slightly different muscles and so help reduce the tension or wear elsewhere.

For extra help, try some magnesium twice a day with food and Atrogel® (Arnica) before bed and upon waking.

Collectively, those measures should all help.

Best wishes


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