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I have just been told I probably have fibromyalgia. My question is what does the muscle pain feel like? My body twitches, I have tender points on both knees with stabbing pains in my legs all over as well as my hands. Although this all is concerning to me, what scares me more is the pain I get in my knees. It almost feels like there is something eating away at the joints in my knees. Does this sound like fibromyalgia? I have had ex rays and there is no arthritis in my joints. I'm still very active but always in pain!

Much of what you describe does sound like fibromyalgia.

I recently wrote a blog describing the difference between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia. Sine you are still in the diagnosis stage, you may find the symptom descriptions interesting.

Try your very best to keep active, it will prove difficult at times but the perception of pain will be worse if you give in to it.

Make sure you are it's boss!!

Best wishes


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