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I have suffered for years with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia yet only just been diagnosed. I am always freezing cold, unable to get warm, even in a hot place, making me feel ill. What can I do?

Fibromyalgia can cause cold hands and feet as circulation is often impaired but feeling cold all over is not a common symptom.

Can I ask if you have had your thyroid checked?

If you have, it is possible that your results were borderline low but normal, meaning you may have been told "everything is fine", whereas you were actually on the cusp of hypothyroidism.

Here are the common symptoms of low thyroid function (and they will be experienced by those with a borderline low thyroid function too):

  -  Feeling cold all the time

  -  Sluggish bowel

  -  Low mood

  -  Low libido

  -  Thinning hair and nails

  -  A niggle in the throat that is not due to an infection

  -  Low energy

  -  Poor appetite

  -  Tingling in hands and arms

  -  Dry, pale skin

  -  Weight gain

If you are recognising a majority of these, then you might be interested in the next step: Take your temperature with a thermometer before you get out of bed on three mornings (menstruating women will need to do this on the first 3 mornings once their period has started). Average out the 3 readings. If the average is below 36C and you recognised most of the symptoms, then tell your Doctor and ask for a blood test.

I'm speculating here, so please don't worry but your complaint may not be anything to do with fibromyalgia.

I hope this proves to be of use.

Best wishes


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