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How can I relieve nerve pain from fibromyalgia?

In addition to following the broad advice for Fibromyalgia on our website, I'd suggest trying some holistically standardised Ginkgo Biloba.

Holistically standardised ginkgo helps oxygen perfusion into the surrounding tissues (think of watching a tea bag release its contents into hot water) and aids the relaxation of the arteriols.

These effects are needed by the nerves as well as other tissues and it is oxygen deprivation that causes much nerve pain.

Most Ginkgo products just thin the blood which isn't of such a help.

While the Ginkgo gets to work, some shorter term relief might be had by applying a cayenne pepper cream to the affected area.

While this might sound counter-intuitive, the capsaicin contained within the pepper actually numbs the nerve transmissions over the first 2 or 3 applications.

It's very popular for sciatica, neuralgia and shingles pain, for example.

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