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I am getting neck pain at night, I try to roll the pillow to support my neck. It still hurts when I get up, but is ok in the day with only a twinge now and again. What can I do?

I'd discourage you from rolling your pillow up to make it thicker because it can put your head at an unnatural angle and further strain your neck, especially if your pillow is already a thick one. If you have a thinner pillow that might be ok though.

Here's a little exercise a physio told me about that has helped resolve my neck pain (when weeks of pillow adjustments hadn't helped):

 - Lie on your back, arms to the side.
 - Bring your chin in towards your chest (no need to lift your head off the floor).
 - Count to 10 and relax for 10.
 - Repeat this 10 times.

If you can do this every other day for a week or two, you may find a resolution as I did to my neck pain.

In the meantime, please try some of our Atrogel Anica gel morning and night for those pesky twinges. They're horrible, I know!

Best wishes


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