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I have scoliosis just below shoulder blades. How is this diagnosed?

Scoliosis was once thought to be a disease of childhood but it slowly develops in many people through adulthood and is thought to be present in 70% of people over the age of 65.

Initially, you might be asked to bend forwards for a visual check of the shoulder blades, as one might be higher than the other and this followed by a physical exam.

You may be referred on to an orthopaedic specialist who would likely X-ray, MRI or CT scan your back and if their is thought to be any interruption of the blood supply or nerves locally, a dye would be injected to highlight these in the process.

Everyday symptoms of mild scoliosis could include muscular pain between the shoulder blades or neck, possibly pulling on a point at the base of the skull.
To help relax muscles in the area, please consider taking some extra magnesium and applying some Atrogel ®(Arnica).

Glucosamine Sulphate might be helpful in preventing or slowing any abnormal wear between the vertebrae in years to come.

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