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As well as muscle and joint pain, I get times when I feel as though I have influenza coming on – hot, cold and generally unwell. Is this symptom of fibromalgia?? It lasts for a few days but nothing else develops.

Yes, feeling hot or cold would be listed as 'other' symptoms of fibromyalgia, after the main identifying symptoms such as muscle pain, joint pain, IBS, headaches, etc.

Please bear in mind that the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome share around 70% of their identifying symptoms, including the big ones, such as muscle and joint pain, and feeling hot or cold too.

If you haven't yet had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and you have a tendency towards lymph swelling, sore throats, are sensitive to light and noise and began to experience the symptoms within a few months of a virus or period of extreme stress, do consider the possibility of CFS, as the remedies will be different.

You've inspired me to write a blog on this subject, so there will be more on the website in a few days time.

Best wishes


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