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Why is my right lower back so painful after I have been sitting in an armchair, or car seat, and then go to stand up?

The back pain comes about not because of your time in the chair or seat but through years of spending prolonged periods sitting at a desk or driving wheel just a little off centre.

The acute episodes merely aggravate the slight but long-developed muscular imbalances that result from imperfect posture.

We also carry loads, such as the shopping, on one side more than the other and sit at home at a slight angle to watch the TV or chat to others in the room.

It all adds up to an unequal balance of strength and weakness in the lower back muscles.
I've recently been part of a video blog on this subject and we are currently editing another where I show how to do some exercises to help.

That should be on the site in the next few days, so please check back in a week or so.
In the meantime, you may find some easing of the pain upon standing if you apply some Atrogel® to the area before sitting and placing a rolled up towel behind your lower back.

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