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My side hurts when I turn over in bed. I’m ok during the day but I feel as if I have pulled something in my side. I had an experience carrying some hand luggage recently, when it felt as though something was pulling inside. I never took much notice but since I have come home from holiday its got worse. Its just when I lie down or try to turn over it is painful.

I hope the holiday was otherwise fun.

The muscles in the trunk are multi-layered, with some responsible for balance and others for movement, which is why you can perform some things without pain but turning in bed is a different story.

I would suspect the pain will go of its own accord, as it does sound like a muscle strain (I once knew a man who triggered a bad back getting a pint of milk out of the fridge).

I'd recommend applying some Atrogel® before bed and before rising and keeping your normal levels of mobility to prevent it stiffening up.

Hopefully you'll have recovered in a week or so.

Best wishes


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