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I have been suffering now for 6 weeks with pain in my left shoulder blade area, which goes through to my front underneath my rib. It is tender to touch my spine near pain. What can I do?

Do you suffer with digestive issues at all? The areas of pain you describe correspond to the symptoms of stomach problems.

Heartburn, reflux, or an ulcer could be responsible and I'd ask that you mention these to your Doctor for a proper diagnosis.

If your Doctor is able to confirm stomach trouble, then please consider eating little and often and using our Centaurium remedy prior to meals, as bitter herbs (and foods such as rocket, chicory, endive, watercress and radish) are traditionally used to ready the stomach for the arrival of food, including keeping stomach acid inside the stomach.

Stomach acid also has a sterilising effect on bacteria, including helicobacter pylori, the main cause of stomach ulcers.

I hope this helps.


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