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I pulled a muscle after mopping a large area and went to the hospital. I am still in pain a week later!!! How can I relief the pain?

Sorry to say that its time and rest that's needed. Easier said than done if you are still at work of course.

The T10 vertebrae is part of a very flexible area of the spine but this is also what makes it the region most prone to injury. Pain can be referred around the abdomen and can even affect walking.

I assume you are already taking prescribed pain killers, so I would ask that you consider applying Atrogel® 4 times a day and taking 30c Arnica tablets very other hour.

Homoepathic remedies are often controversial as they don't contain material amounts of the substances but I had a pharmacist tell me this week they don't believe in homoepathy, except arnica. Inconsistent but true. It works.

Best wishes


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