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I have right neck and upper back pain. I am also limping. I have dull aches in my right leg, which can go up to my knee or hip. I feel as though I have sprained my ankle. What can it be?

There are some exercises and remedies that can help upper back and neck pain if you are able to perform them every other day until improvement occurs over a week or two:

  -  Standing, turn your head to look over your right shoulder for 10seconds, then you left shoulder for 10 seconds. Repeat twice more each side.

  -  Standing, drop your head to one side while continuing to look ahead. Hold for 10 seconds and swap sides. Repeat twice more each side. To increase the stretch, drop the opposite shoulder.

  -  Standing again, lower your chin to your chest, hold for 10 and then look up to the ceiling and hold for 10. Repeat twice more.

  -  Finally, while sitting straight, jut your head forward and hold for 10, then all the way back and hold for 10. Repeat another 5 times and that's your 5 minutes done.

These exercises stretch and strengthen the neck muscles.

If you need extra help, try 200mg magnesium twice a day with food and apply some Atrogel® (Arnica) before bed and upon rising.

Regarding your right leg, it sounds to me as if you have damaged the lower back or simply suffer wear and tear in the area, compromising circulation to the leg.

I wonder if you have carried or lifted heavy items at work for a number of years? Alternatively, you may have been sat at a desk all day every day.

Please consider some Ginkgo biloba every day for 4-6 weeks and you may well find it resolves those symptoms you describe.

Best wishes


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