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I’ve been struggling with Fibromyalgia for a number of years. I’ve had skin redness around sore joints and now all over my legs. Does anyone else have this at all?

Because of the unusual nature of your symptoms, I thought it best to ask a practitioner friend as they see those more unique cases that can leave the Doctor at a loss.

This is her response:
"It might be a relation of psoratic arthritis - where the skin erupts with the toxins that are lurking beneath. I would say that a strict elimination diet and big cleansing effort would be necessary, but under a practitioner - trying to do it unsupported would be difficult".

By all means, try to seek advice from your local health food store but as you'll want to know where to begin and what to buy, please try our new year 14 day detox programme.

It is of course generalised but should provide some worthwhile improvements in anyone and especially those with skin and joint issues.

A practitioner would be useful if after following the plan below, you see some benefit but need to have it personalised to maximise your gains.

Best wishes and remember, 2 weeks is no time at all!!


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