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Fibromyalgia was diagnosed about 3 months ago. I take Paracetamol daily but when there is severe pain I have Tramadol, which I have taken for a few years because of back pain and sciatica. Some days I can hardly walk, and I don’t go out very much at all. I am 67 years old. What can I do?

As you might suspect, we are unable to match the analgesic effects of something as powerful as Tramadol, so a different approach to pain relief is necessary.

Fibromyalgia is associated with poor circulation to the muscles and nerves, which itself can cause pain due to oxygen deprivation of the tissues.

Fibromyalgia also sees the site of pain move around and if this sounds familiar, I would consider trying to improve the circulation to these areas with the use of a holistically standardised Ginkgo Biloba.

I say holistically standardised because most Ginkgo tablets have the blood thinning elements in high concentrations but thinner blood doesn't help the relaxation of the arterial capillaries, nor does it aid the perfusion of oxygen across the very fine membrane between the capillaries and the tissues.

The latter two effects are better achieved when the whole leaf is utilised in its unadulterated state.

As a side note, holistically standardised Ginkgo is not contraindicated in those taking blood thinning medications, whereas those products that focus on the "flavone glycosides" and "triterpene lactones" are not suitable, as they are the blood thinning factors.

In more general terms, please visit our fibromyalgia section, where you'll find much more information than I could hope to include in this reply.

Best wishes


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