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I have been suffering upper back pain for a couple of months. The pain aggravates during sleep and it remains stable during daytime. I don't feel any pain during daytime. But today, after taking a sunbath for 1 hour, the pain grew much stronger. I have become really upset as the whole of my body started aching. I have not taken any medicines or consulted with any doctors yet. My diabetes and blood pressure are normal. I have not faced any accident nor have I hit my back with anything. Are my morning exercises not good? Could it be due to sleeping on a mattress? Please suggest what I should do?

You may be correct when you wonder if the mattress is responsible.

Many people experience a bad back just a few days after sleeping on a softer surface than they are used to.

Clearly, movement is good for your back and I would continue the exercises but I would emphasise the Yoga position known as "the child" here in the west, and another where you squat with your knees tucked into your armpits.

Breath deeply and allow the expansion to stretch your upper back, pulling the shoulder blades apart.

Finally, try some forward and backward shoulder rolls but really exaggerate the movement.
Your mattress may not be supporting your back at all well, which is not good for several hours at a time.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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