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I have suffered for over 2 years with pain now, which never goes. An injury at work when I fell and landed on my lower back about 3 feet up, resulted in a whip lashed neck. Trigger points in lots of areas – numbness, burning pins and needles and worst of all the headaches. Had MRI CT scan. Eyes sting, sinuses weird and hands go blue when cold. Need help.

Sorry to read all of that, what an ordeal.

I presume you've been prescribed and have taken all sorts of pain killers to little effect.

'Modern' medicine is based purely around symptom relief, rather than the cause of pain. That approach is called Allopathic medicine.

While I can't take your experience in detail, look at your diet, ask how you are emotionally, look at your injury or how you hold your posture, etc, etc, that's what would happen if you were to see a physiotherapist, osteopath, herbalist or other practitioner.

Has the Doctor offered physio? It is available on the NHS.

We don't have such powerful pain killers in natural medicine, so a different approach is needed.

I'd suggest you fight to see a physical therapist of some kind but I'd also encourage you to try to improve the circulation in the area of trauma, as much pain is the result in poor blood supply to the nerves and tissues.

We've done an interesting experiment in volunteers taking our Ginkgo biloba products where we inserted tiny cameras under the skin and other tissues before and after a month of taking the herb. The results were better movement of immune cells, the relaxation of the arterial capillaries, new capillary growth and therefore oxygenation of the tissue. The live video is amazing.

In addition, you must be tense with the pain, so please try to increase the intake of dietary magnesium or take a supplement of 200mg twice a day. The following link will take you to my managing pain blogs:

In those blogs you'll find links to 'diet for fibromyalgia' highlighted. The dietary recommendations will be helpful in your situation too.

Best wishes and I hope the information helps you on the road back to yourself.


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