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The immune system: Questions and answers

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  • Can stress and nerves cause a chronic cough?

    The short answer is Yes, stress and anxiety can lead to a chronic dry cough. You may have heard of a ‘nervous cough’ and in a way, coughs caused by stress are simply an extension of this phenomenon. We don’t understand fully why this happens, ... Read more >
  • Can smoking cause a tickly cough?

    The short answer is yes. Smoking can give both mucus coughs and tickly coughs. Mucus coughs might also be called smoker’s coughs and this happens after many years of smoking and more typically in older people. What happens is that many years of ... Read more >
  • When will my wet cough disappear?

    I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definitive answer as there are many factors at play here. Typically, if your wet cough (which might also be referred to as chesty cough or mucus cough) has come about ... Read more >
  • How do I stop myself from coughing

    What we would do firstly, is to try to work out the cause of your cough. In the winter and for someone who is relatively fit and well, the most likely reason for a cough is the residue of a viral infection and for this, we would recommend the use of ... Read more >
  • What causes indigestion, bloating and a dry cough?

    There is indeed one condition that could link both these symptoms and this is acid reflux. If you suffer from indigestion or an excess of acid production in your stomach, you might then have a feeling of bloatedness or excessive wind. This in turn ... Read more >

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