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Constant pain and burning in all joints. What can I do to stop it?

Sorry that your pain is so widespread.

I presume you've seen the Fibromyalgia section on this website.

If you have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia then the most important thing to do is adopt as much of that advice as possible rather than rely on supplements.

The most important remedies to consider, though, would be Arnica Gel (Atrogel®) for short-term relief form joint or muscle pain, Devils Claw (Atrosan®) for longer-term pain relief in both muscles and joints, 300-400mg magnesium per day to relax stiff muscles and aid sleep and 100mg Ginkgo biloba if you suffer wandering pain or cold extremities.

Try your best to get out there and remember that we are right in the middle of the most miserable time of the year emotionally and as a consequence our pain threshold is lower than in any other month.

Best wishes


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