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I'm battling with lower back pain and need - devils claw.I'm on medication for high blood pressure and I also have high aid levels, will devils claw make my stomach hurt?

Atrosan® Devils Claw can be taken with any other medicines.

People who should not take it include pregnant and breast feeding women and those with gastric or duodenal ulcers.

We do sell a liquid form too but as it is a little bitter, it may affect your stomach acid levels, so I would suggest the tablets instead as you won't taste the bitter element.

Devil's Claw is not regarded as damaging to the stomach lining, unlike many anti-inflammatory medications.

Please bear in mind that Devils Claw's effects increase over a few weeks and so the relief may not be felt immediately.

If you need something that acts faster, please try our Arnica Gel

Please visit the lower back pain page on our website if you have not already seen it.

Best wishes and I hope the remedies help.


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