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I do not appear to have any joint pain but have quite painful thigh, calf and buttock pain. My doctor tells me I have osteoarthritis but I have had no tests. How can I find out what the problem really is?

There isn't a blood or urine test for osteoarthritis, the symptoms picture is used to diagnose.

I expect the doctor may have mentioned osteoarthritis of the lower back which would be consistent with the description of your symptoms.

However, similar symptoms may present as a result of lower back pain too as circulation to the limbs can be impaired in either case.

I donned the gym kit last week to demonstrate some mobility and strengthening exercises for the lower back and you should find the video on our website within a few days but please visit our lumbago section in the meantime.

Our Atrogel® (Arnica) and Atrosan® (Devils Claw) are both licensed remedies for muscular aches, pains and stiffness and can be of benefit whether or not there is wear and tear present.

The only way you'll get a definitive diagnosis is via an MRI scan which can show increased joint spaces between the vertebrae (osteoarthritis) or soft tissue damage (sprain/strain).

Best wishes


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