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Is there any pain relief that helps with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. My doctor says normal pain relief tablets are not very effective.

Do try our licensed remedies for muscle and joint pain (Atrogel® Arnica Gel and Atrosan® Devils Claw) but try to dramatically increase your magnesium intake through leafy veg, good winter foods such as casserole with plenty of root veg, beans, grains and pulses and cut out tea and coffee (go to decaf).

Why am I being so mean to you? Because caffeine increases pain perception and lowers magnesium levels.

If you're not a big veg fan, look for a magnesium supplement in the form of magnesium 'citrate', 'malate' or a liquid form. Magnesium should help relax muscles, aid sleep and relieve the headaches associated with fibromyalgia.

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