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I have fibromyalgia and have pain in both arms, fingers etc but I am right handed and currently suffer more pain swelling in that arm and hand. Is this part of fibromyalgia or maybe something else?

Fibromyalgia most commonly affects the neck and shoulders, whose blood vessels and nerves of course supply the arms and hands.

Can I suggest some Ginkgo biloba to improve micro circulation to the nerves and extremities and extra magnesium as this very often helps sufferers of Fibromyalgia cope with the pain and relax the muscle tension that can inhibit circulation and healthy nerve function.

Obtaining extra magnesium can be done through the fibromyalgia diet or by supplementing 300-400mg of a good form, such as Magnesium Citrate or malate.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of fibromyalgia don't distribute themselves perfectly evenly, so I'd suspect the extra pain is down to the condition.

If you experience any joint swelling though, please apply some Arnica Gel twice a day and consider some Devils Claw in the medium to longer term.

Best wishes


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