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I have pain in left side of my back in the muscle. What could be the cause?

It could be simply mechanical, so caused by working one side of the back more than the other over a period of time. This can be caused by sitting at the slightest of angles at a desk or on long drives, or simply carrying everything in your right hand.

Is it possible you have a little pelvic misalignment or standing unevenly?

You can test the latter by standing as you normally would with a foot on a pair of weighing scales. You'll be able to tell if you carry your bodyweight unevenly by the readout.

Do consider eating more magnesium rich foods. This is a good time of year because all the beans, pulses, grains and root vegetables that supply magnesium are to be found in stews and casseroles.

Alternatively, take a supplement or magnesium citrate, malate, gluconate or taurate (all good forms).

Our Atrogel® is licensed for muscular aches, pains and stiffness and our Atrosan® Devils Claw tablets for lower back pain, so either could be helpful.

Just bear in mind that while Arnica Gel works fast, Devils Claw's effects accumulate over time (a few weeks).

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