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I am a 77-year-old woman with arthritis in knees, hands and elbows. I had a complete knee replacement one year ago, which has been only partially successful. Two months ago I fell downstairs and hurt coccyx and ha ve been fairly sedentary since. I now have low back and side pain and have been taking Ibuprofen irregularly. Can you suggest what I should do?

Please ensure your tea and coffee intake do not exceed 3 cups per day. More than this will deplete your absorption of magnesium, needed for the relaxation of tense muscles.

I'd suspect you have bruised yourself in the pelvic tissue area from the fall and that is responsible for the back and side pains.

Atrosan (Devils Claw) has no interactions with other medicines and might very much help your overall joint symptoms but for more immediate help, our Atrogel (Arnica), applied 3 times daily should ease the immediate pain. It is best applied before bed and upon waking to make sleep more comfortable and ease morning stiffness.

Much as you might feel disinclined to move, please try to as movement reduces stiffness and aids circulation which results in faster recovery.

My blog - Dealing with pain - Part 3 - may be of help.

Best wishes


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