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I have painful knee and get stiff cramps. What would you recommend?

Cramps can be brought on by sudden changes in temperature, poor circulation to the affected muscle (such as the calf in intermittent claudication) or a muscle overworking (due to excessively vigorous exercise or when compensating for a stiff joint, for example).

Try some magnesium as this helps relax muscles and keep calcium-rich foods such as dairy and salty foods to a minimum for a while.

Knees are difficult to rest since they carry most of you. Some people try Glucosamine but you have to be very patient indeed to feel an effect (often 3-6 months).

If your painful knee is due to an arthritic condition (and it could be any of the big 3 - gout, rheumatoid arthritis or wear & tear), you can control the symptoms with Arnica gel or Devils Claw but it may be work trying to strengthen the knee for the long term with a collagen supplement (powders are better value).

Hope one of these helps you speedily

Best wishes

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