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I am 80 years of age and have enjoyed good health all my life. I am not overweight and my blood pressure is normal for a person of my age. In the last 5/6 weeks I have not been able to enjoy my normal, 2/3-mile daily walks, due to stiffness and soreness in my legs both below and above the knees. Can anybody suggest what is causing this sudden change?

Many people swear that the colder and damper months exacerbate any underlying wear and tear in the joints and it has certainly been damp in the last 5/6 weeks.

It may perhaps be something to do with the necessary lower atmospheric pressure (allowing more tissue swelling), the cold causing stiff tissues and poor circulation or our mood, and therefore pain tolerance, to dip.

The knees are not blessed with a protective layer of fat, nor any muscles to generate warmth, so they do suffer in the winter.

It may be a little late to consider a circulatory herb like Ginkgo as its effects can take a few weeks to build but you may wish to consider trying some ginger and a warming balm, such as Tiger Balm (the white one is less ferocious than the red).

If your symptoms do persist into spring, please consider some Atrosan® Devils Claw.

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