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I suffer with a tingling in my left foot and face. It seems numb at times. I am exhausted. My neck is so painful. I’ve had this for years and my doctor say its ME, but I think it may be fibromyalgia. I am getting worse. Help.

I cannot contradict the doctor but ME symptoms are even worse than those you are reporting.

The neck is an absolutely classic place to experience symptoms of fibromyalgia, as are circulatory symptoms, which may explain your feet and face symptoms.

Here are the symptoms that apply to either Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS and as such might be of help in establishing which one you suffer.


Trigger points: applying pressure to these these tender areas (which are used to help diagnose Fibromyalgia and include the base of the skull, inside of the knee, at the hip joint, elbow and around the shoulder blades) will cause pain to shoot to another part of the body.

Itchy or burning skin, including over the painful joints and headaches resulting from the muscle tension in the neck and upper back are indicative of fibromyalgia.

Knotted muscles are tender to the touch but don't necessarily cause shooting pains. Sore throat, and swelling of the lymph glands but without infection, depression, irritability and panic attacks, extreme crashes in energy, recovery from exercise that takes many days to several weeks, palpitations where no cardiac condition is present and a definite timeframe from which all this began, such as after a virus or emotional trauma. Many people with ME/CFS can strongly identify an event that preceded the rest of the symptoms.

Useful natural remedies to consider.

As each condition is experienced differently by each person, making broad remedy recommendations should be regarded as merely a starting point, or foundation on which to  add techniques, exercises or therapies according to the individuals underlying causes and symptom pattern. With that in mind, here's a starting place for each which takes in to account the core experiences of most:

Atrogel® (Arnica), Atrosan® (Devils Claw), Magnesium, Fish Oils and Dormeasan®.
For more dietary recommendations visit our fibromyalgia diet page.

ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Ginsavena (Siberian Ginseng & Avena sativa), Magnesium, Digestisan or bitters (to help extract the most nutrition from your food) and Dormeasan® (sleep remedy).

Please click on the link under dietary recommendations for fibromyalgia, as most of the guidance contained will help maintain blood sugar control, regular bowel function and all round good nutrition.

I hope that's of help. My blog 'Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' may also be of help.

Best wishes


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