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I have upper muscle back pain and can't bare being touched or rubbed. Very sentitive. What can I do?

Because you don't report any other symptoms, such as weakness, numbness or pins and needles in the buttock or legs, it is unlikely that your pain is due to a degenerative disk or joint.

Instead, as the pain is localised to the upper back, I would suggest a muscular strain or ligament sprain.

The bleeding associated with either of these will also account for the tenderness.

Sprains and strains are caused by an overload to the area, too-rapid a movement or poor posture and I would ask your GP for an appointment with a physio if it affects your work.

Also try dramatically changing your driving and desk position for a few weeks in order to change the load on your back.

Short of that, our Atrosan® Devils Claw is licensed for back and muscle pain. While it won't help straight away, its effects do increase as time goes on (over a few weeks), unlike most anti-inflammatory medicines.

Best wishes


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