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I have osteoarthritis in my spine. The number five disc has completely worn away, and my vertebrae rub together. Would this cause my hips to balloon up? This is really bad if l walk any distance. The swelling will go down but only when l have sat down for a long time.

After some thought, the answer is that the most likely reason behind the swelling is structural - the discomfort of the spinal erosion plus the missing disc causes an altered gait that affects blood flow.

Pressure is being placed on the circulation to the hips.

This is not fibromyalgia, although it is possible to develop fibromyalgia (which is a lack of oxygen to areas of muscle) in such situations.

Some work with a cranial osteopath, or at very least a physiotherapist, is necessary.

As you'd appreciate, sometimes physical therapies are the answer, although some Atrogel® and Devils Claw may offer some relief.

Ultimately, though, only physical therapies can help structural problems.

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