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My doctor says I am suffering from anxiety. I get shortness of breath and he is reluctant to prescribe me medication as it can make my breathing worse. I do not want to take prescription medicationanyway. More recently I am worrying a lot more, crying more, waking up more than five times during the night and do not want to interact with people.I had a hysterectomy at 45. I am now 48 and do not take HRT. I only take Sage tablets for hot flushes. I feel worse since operation and only half the person I used to be. Is there anything I could try as I don't want to feel like this?

I am sorry to hear you are suffering with anxiety and a set of symptoms that leave you feels like you are only half the person you used to be.

The changes in hormone levels after a hysterectomy or during the menopause can affect women in many different and often distressing ways.   

You are not alone.  

We have hormone receptors all over our bodies and as the hormone levels drop we can succumb to a whole range different symptoms many of which you have described.  

One of the things you could consider taking would be Menopause Support, a product traditionally used to support a whole range of symptoms.   Please read my colleagues blog - The story behind fermented soya isoflavones - as this explains in more depth how and why this product may help.  It would be safe to take with the sage if you wanted to continue taking it.

For the anxiety you may also find it helpful to add Passiflora complex, traditionally used for easing stress and nervous tension.  It takes up to a week to feel the benefits and if you have not noticed an improvement after a month, then I suggest exploring an alternative.

Finally, some women find that acupuncture can help ease symptoms. To find a local practitioner please follow this link: http://www.acupuncture.org.uk/

Our Menopause blog contains many articles you may find helpful at this time and we also have a live chat facility as well as email if you feel in need of extra support.  

There are so many things you can do to help ease symptoms and restore well-being so do keep searching and trying the things that speak to you.

With best wishes and do hope you are feeling better soon.

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