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Why water is so good for you

by Toni Lennox, on 29 August 2015, Alfred Vogel, Beauty, Digestion, Detox, Bloating, Herbal Remedies

Water really is quite amazing! Although most of us do take a fresh water supply for granted it is always good to keep in mind how much water actually does for us.
It is fresh, free from your own tap, and may help sort out a lot of ailments you are experiencing.
Here’s a quick guide to how effective water is in prevention and healing.

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Too many baths causing your eczema?

by Toni Lennox, on 28 August 2015, Bodycare, Skin care

Bathing or showering with eczema can be tricky and you may find that after a nice soak your eczema has worsened.

It is essential to incorporate a good skincare routine into your daily practice especially if you suffer from eczema, as proper skincare can help control the condition.

Read our top five tips on how to have the perfect soak for eczema prone skin…
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Homemade beauty tips for dull skin

by Toni Lennox, on 27 August 2015, Beauty, Bodycare, Health, Herbal Remedies, Skin care

It’s no wonder that our skin begins to look dull and tired if it isn’t given some attention now and then. So isn’t it about time our skin received the love it deserves to help bring back its natural, healthy looking glow?!

Our skin is amazing!

It helps to protect us against the elements with its waterproofing abilities and it even keeps us warm, but with everything that it does for us we can still become complacent with our skin care due to our hectic schedules. Continue reading >

Change your diet to help control eczema

by Toni Lennox, on 26 August 2015, Alfred Vogel, Bodycare, Skin care

Experiencing outbreaks of eczema after eating certain foods is not uncommon and can be frustrating. If you feel like your eczema flare ups are linked to your diet we have come up with some helpful suggestions you can try that may help calm your skin… Continue reading >

Is BPH costing you sleep?

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 25 August 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health, Stress & Sleep
BPH sleep.fw

When we think of symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH), we tend to be most concerned with the need to urinate more frequently, and reduced stream. However, the problem can also affect our sleeping pattern, leaving us sapped of energy during the day. As well as tips to help reduce night-time urination, or nocturia, there are several techniques you can try to help you fall back to sleep more quickly. Continue reading >