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The benefits of dry skin brushing for your circulation

by Helen, on 23 June 2015, Circulation
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We are so good at taking care of the skin on our face through our exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising routine, that we often neglect taking care of the skin on our body.

Did you know that the skin is an organ of elimination, and just like our kidneys and liver it releases more than a pound of waste products every day, so it is important to take care of it and give it a little extra helping hand. This is where daily body brushing comes into play as this can aid the lymphatic system and give the body that extra boost. Continue reading >

10 cool tips for a sweat ‘less’ summer

by Annmarie, on 16 June 2015, Beauty, Bodycare
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The warmer weather brings with it many things to enjoy, including holidays aboard, lazy days on the beach and BBQ’s with friends and family, but one thing that can often blight these fun occasions is that sticky, sweaty feeling and worse still, the worry of being smelly!

Sweating is a natural process which helps to regulate the body’s temperature (think of it as your body’s air conditioning system), so it’s even more important when the weather is hot.  As well as its cooling function, sweating also helps to cleanse the skin and remove toxins from the body, so although it gets a bit of a negative reaction, it’s actually very positive for your body. Continue reading >

The best drink for your enlarged prostate!

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 15 June 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health

Over the last few blog posts we’ve been looking at what to eat to help your enlarged prostate: now our attention is turning to what you are drinking. We’ve heard it all before – avoid caffeine and alcohol and drink plenty of water instead…but now we’ve found a drink that’s even better, and one which studies have shown not only to relieve the effects of BPH but also to delay the symptoms.

Continue reading >

Sneeze free gardening for hayfever sufferers

by Alison, on 3 June 2015, Hayfever
Senior Woman Smelling Flowers While Gardening In Garden

The weeds need tackled, flower beds tended and the grass needs to be cut. The summer months are the perfect time to spruce up your garden and enjoy the outdoors, but a garden in full bloom can be a nightmare and these simple tasks can become a struggle if you suffer from hayfever.

According to a poll we undertook recently, hayfever symptoms create a barrier between a person and their garden. Almost half of sufferers said it stood in the way of their passion for gardening, while four in 10 said their garden became a “no go zone” during peak pollen season.

This summer, try following my handy top ten tips for hayfever sufferers before donning your gardening gloves and heading outside and help limit your exposure to pollen. Continue reading >

Tone your legs and banish varicose veins

by Helen, on 29 May 2015, Circulation, Healthy Legs, Varicose veins
Multi-ethnic women exercising in park, power walking.  Focus on senior woman (60s) in foreground.

There is a myth that doing physical exercises could make the problem of varicose veins much worse. However, this really only applies to high impact exercises like running or weight training which can increase pressure on veins.

Low impact exercises can actually improve circulation in your legs, stimulate blood flow and help keep your veins and legs strong. Something as simple as walking is an ideal form of exercise to tone your legs to help prevent varicose veins or keep them from getting worse. Any exercises involving legs are good to for preventing and treating spider veins but ones involving the lower calf muscles are the most efficient. Continue reading >