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Fight nature with nature to beat hayfever!

by Annmarie, on 9 April 2014, Hayfever

Suffer from hayfever and find enjoying the outdoors a misery during the spring and summer months? At the beginning of the season, usually around April, hayfever sufferers can start to use natural healing methods to build their immunity and keep them sneeze-free.

Hayfever symptoms are caused by histamine levels in the body rising as they react to pollen. Although nature is the cause of most hayfever symptoms, it can also be a sufferer’s best defense to help keep the reaction under control. Here are some things that will help prepare your body by providing a natural source of antihistamine: Continue reading >

2 walks, 15 miles and 4lbs off!

by Sarah, on 9 April 2014, Charity, Exercise

If you have read my previous blogs, you’ll know that in May I’m joining my sister, Rebecca, for the ‘Cardiff’ leg of her Circumnavigating round Wales walk for the charity Shelter Cymru.

Continuing my quest to get fit, I persuaded  an experienced  hill walker to help me. Not too many uphills, I pleaded. So on a very wet day we set off for  Knockhill in Largs. We navigated incredibly muddy paths and the gentle spiral footpath to the top. In Victorian days, horse-drawn carriages took the ‘well to do’ to the top with their picnic hampers. I managed the uphill fine as it was not too steep or too far – 4 miles in total. So, with that one under my belt, and delighted that the sun had shone the whole time, we took a ferry ride to Cumbrae (a small island just off the West coast).  Arriving in the main town (the only town), Millport,  we walked along the sea front and back before dinner. It was only two miles but it made me feel  that I had  earned my food. Remembering Earle’s advice from before that it was ok to eat chips after a walk, I reckoned it would be fine to add a bit of fish to that! I wasn’t sure if a small red wine would do any harm, but I risked it anyway. Ok… two small red wines. Continue reading >

Rock Chick to Natural Woman…

by Annmarie, on 28 March 2014, Bodycare
Rock Chick Natural Deodorant for kids

Feeling fresh and girlie? We are! Girl power came to A.Vogel this month with the introduction of Crystal Spring’s NEW Rock Chick Natural Deodorant for Girls, now available to buy on our website and via our stockists. Continue reading >

Bringing Up the Rear…

by Sarah, on 27 March 2014, Charity, Exercise, Healthy Eating

If you have read my previous blog, you’ll know that in May I’m joining my sister, Rebecca, for the ‘Cardiff’ leg of her Circumnavigating round Wales walk for the charity Shelter Cymru.

Here’s the story of the first of my walks on my ‘get fit’ mission, followed by some sound advice from training manager, Earle. Continue reading >

The forecast looks bright without a shower of sneezes

by Annmarie, on 25 March 2014, Hayfever, Herbal Remedies

Spring is officially here bringing with it a sense of new beginnings! But for some it also heralds the onset of symptoms such as itchy eyes and stuffed-up noses in the approach to the hayfever season!

With tree pollen tending to affect people in spring, it’s time to get pollen on the radar and help hayfever sufferers gain some idea as to when their symptoms are likely to be at their worst. Continue reading >