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The best snack for your enlarged prostate

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 18 May 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate
Diet choice with man holding chocolate and fruits

Everyone loves a snack to nibble on in front of the TV or as a mid-morning pick me up. But there is one snack that’s better than the rest when it comes to the health of your prostate. Sorry gentlemen it’s not chocolate, and although fruit is part of a recommended prostate friendly diet, there is one snack that is even better if you have an enlarged prostate (BPH) and that’s… Continue reading >

It’s the sneezing season again – time to get pollen savvy

by Alison, on 5 May 2015, Hayfever

Are you dreading another season of itchy eyes and runny noses? Well, you’re not alone. In a recent poll of over 1,000 hayfever suffers, just over half of the respondents told us they feel bogged down and not their normal selves during the hayfever period.

Hayfever symptoms are not only annoying, irritating and downright frustrating but they can also be very disruptive, interrupting our daily lives in more ways than we may realise. Continue reading >

4 top vitamins to banish varicose veins

by Helen, on 28 April 2015, Healthy Legs, Varicose veins, Memory & Circulation

The formation of varicose veins can sometimes be prevented, treated and kept at bay by natural or nutritional changes. Veins transport blood  to the heart. If the blood is to flow efficiently through the circulatory system it must contain all the nutrients and vitamins  that the body needs to maintain good health.

Veins are one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing back to the rest of your body. If these valves become weak or disturbed, the blood flows back into the vein, causing it to swell. As varicose veins become enlarged, they often appear raised or twisted, protruding from under the skin.

Some supplements and nutrition can help alleviate symptoms such as tired, heavy or painful aching legs. So what role can vitamins play in controlling the condition? Continue reading >

Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

by Annmarie, on 22 April 2015, Beauty, Bodycare
Sleep_Beauty blog image

According to the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty slept for 100 years and woke up beautifully refreshed and looking flawless. For everyone else, the reality is usually a very different story.

Sleep is the most natural and powerful beauty treatment there is –and it’s free! But how many of us have a spinning wheel to hand, ready to prick our finger on and send us off to sleep when needed. Instead, our busy, stress-filled, modern day lives often rob us of much needed sleep which in turn takes its toll on our looks. Continue reading >

Can exercise ‘work out’ your enlarged prostate problems?

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 20 April 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate
Staying active keeps him young

When managing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BHP), it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy and active prostate-friendly lifestyle.

Eating the right foods, adopting some simple lifestyle changes and habits as well as taking supplements can all help you manage or reduce your BPH symptoms, so what else is key? Continue reading >