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  • val torreggiani's photo avatar
    val torreggiani — 09.12.2017 20:58
    I have had a pain in my neck for two weeks now, gradually lessening and becoming confined to a spot on the right side at the base of my skull. It is constantly aching. I have no pain when moving my head in any direction, just a nagging pain which at one time would come in very painful waves across the back of my neck too. This would last for some hours. Have you any ideas as this is not like any muscle strain I have had before. THank you.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 11.12.2017 15:50
      Hello Val Chances are that you have some tightness between the top of the shoulder blade and the base of the skull. This is often brought on by driving or working at a desktop as the arms are elevated for long periods. If you dig your fingers in to the tissue immediately above the relavent shoulder blade you should find a shooting pain followed by gradual easing as you persist. Assuming this happens, please follow the instructions under ‘Relief’ in the box ‘Lets Talk More About Neck Pain’ to the right of this page and try rotating each shoulder forwards and back for 10 times in each direction before settling down to work or driving.


  • Mrs Val Smy's photo avatar
    Mrs Val Smy — 19.10.2017 19:19
    My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's he keeps getting neck pain but this time it has lasted for 3 days and is no better , he is waiting to go to a nerve clinic but they have said it will not be before Dec or Jan. He is in a lot of pain have tried paracetamol and Arnica plus? But he is getting no relief any ideas please


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 20.10.2017 12:57
      Hello Val I found the Arnica Plus product you mentioned but the label doesn’t say how much Arnica is in there, so it’s hard to say if more would help. However nerve pain can respond better to either B-vitamins, Valerian or St.Johns Wort oil, so one of these may be worth a try.


  • Mike Jones's photo avatar
    Mike Jones — 14.10.2017 12:55
    I am suffering debilitating neck pain on my right.During the past 3 months I have had anMRI scan and an Ultra Sound The Ultra Sound results are pending The MRI was clear. I get tired quickly,which I find depressing.Can you offer any unbiased advice please


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 16.10.2017 10:24
      Hello Mike I’m afraid we can’t diagnose over the internet and so the ultra sound results will be the best judge. If they still come back without evidence of a problem, please see a local physiotherapist or sports masseur for an assessment of your upper back tissues, as these are connected to the base of the skull and so can cause pain when tight.


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