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Stiff neck or neck pain have been experienced by most adults

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  • Joel's photo avatar
    Joel — 04.09.2017 17:40
    Hi, I'm getting neck pain from the soft area at the base of my skull behind my left ear. I've had it for around a week now I've been having headaches and my throat has started to hurt also have a lack of energy (unsure if related but have see a few websites saying could be. I used to play rugby and had someone land on the side of my head stretching my neck to the right. I've had physio at my club, accupunture and sports massage on the area which helps to get rid of it but it's always comes back. Pain killers help to numb the pain but I don't like taking them and warm/cold creams don't touch it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 05.09.2017 12:13
      Hello Joel This is only an opinion and not one based upon any scans or examinations, but I think you may have to simply manage such an injury as best you can since you've tried much more than the usual painkillers etc. No cream or gel, ice pack or heat treatment is curative and so it may be worth considering a conversation with your doctor about surgery. I would also add that the headaches are quite possibly related but I'm afraid you'll need to see a doctor regarding the throats and fatigue issues.


  • Adam's photo avatar
    Adam — 14.07.2017 21:38
    " I love this Post.!! Your article is very informative and it consist many interesting facts ."


  • martyn hornby's photo avatar
    martyn hornby — 06.07.2017 13:05
    what can i do i have been to the doctor and he said it is mutiskelital and not to worry


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 07.07.2017 10:18
      Hello Martin If you find the box on the right of this page called 'Let's talk more about muscles and joints' and click on 'Relief', you'll find some exercises which, along with remedies such as our Atrogel, should begin to improve your discomfort within a few days. It might also be worth ensuring you don't spend time looking downwards at phone or tablet screens, whether at work or at home.


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