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A.Vogel Talks IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Find out all you need to know about IBS and how to combat those dreaded symptoms!

IBS is a functional gastrointestinal disorder. Here at A.Vogel Talks IBS, our digestive health expet Ali Cullen explains what this means and discusses the causes, symptoms and treatments of IBS. A better understanding of this condition will allow you to manage your symptoms better.


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  • Teresa's photo avatar
    Teresa — 26.12.2017 10:37
    does anyone else get stomach cramps, hotness, feeling sick after eating or thinking about eating? and when i cant go i feel sick? does anyone else have this?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 03.01.2018 11:09
      Hi Teresa, Constipation can definitely cause nausea, as well as stomach cramps. Have you tried anything to deal with bowel sluggishness? If your bowel is moving at least once (preferably twice) daily you'll feel a lot better. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Jennifer cooper's photo avatar
    Jennifer cooper — 27.11.2017 12:53
    Thanks so much for your kind advice which I have followed for the last few days and the difference is amazing. I fee as though I have some of my life back! Thanks again .


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 27.11.2017 15:09
      I'm so pleased for you, Jennifer. Long may it last! Best Wishes, Ali


  • Jennifer cooper's photo avatar
    Jennifer cooper — 22.11.2017 09:34
    I have been suffering with symptoms of i.b.s for about 5 years after a bout of gastroenteritis. Is it possible to suffer in this way for so long ? I'm only going by what my doctor told me at the time and wasn't given any treatment so I mostly self medicate although nothing really s seems to help.i mostly suffer when I get out of bed with a bout of diarrhea and then again after breakfast. I suffer with a rumbling tum during the day and sometimes abdominal pain. Does anyone else have these symptoms and does it sound like I.b.s.?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 23.11.2017 07:48
      Hi Jennifer, It sounds as if your gut hasn't properly recovered from whatever bug hit you all that time ago. I'd suggest taking Silicol gel first thing in the morning (half an hour before any food) in a big glass of warm water, and then again half an hour before dinner (so long as you aren't taking any medication with your meals). After a week, add in a good probiotic - Optibac have one for people prone to diarrhoea. If this doesn't improve things then I think you should go back to your doctor for some investigations. Best Wishes, Ali


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Take our simple, 9 question test to find out.

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How you eat rather than what you eat can also trigger your IBS. From not chewing your food enough to even how you sit while you eat can all impact affect your IBS!

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