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A.Vogel Talks IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Find out all you need to know about IBS and how to combat those dreaded symptoms!

IBS is a functional gastrointestinal disorder. Here at A.Vogel Talks IBS, our digestive health expet Ali Cullen explains what this means and discusses the causes, symptoms and treatments of IBS. A better understanding of this condition will allow you to manage your symptoms better.

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  • Leah's photo avatar
    Leah — 16.06.2017 18:20
    The advice on this website to sit down to eat, chew slowly, wait 5 minutes before getting up from the table, along with regular exercise (even if it's just walking) is very helpful. Also kombucha with lemon juice on an empty stomach works wonders (about 15-30 minutes before breakfast). A. Vogel's Digestive Aid is awesome! I noticed a difference with bloating and gas from the first time I used it. Looking forward to trying more tips and supplements on this site for my IBS! :)


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 19.06.2017 08:50
      Glad you find the information helpful, Leah. Let me know how you get on.


    • Leah 's photo avatar
      Leah — 04.07.2017 20:04
      Thank you, Ali! I will let you know. I'm trying silicolgel. :) P.S. A. Vogel's Digestive Aid that I mentioned in the above message is also called Yarrow Complex Herbal Bitters.


  • shahmudin's photo avatar
    shahmudin — 25.04.2017 15:20
    im taking probiotics, psyllium husk and apple cider vinegar for my IBS. It help greatly with gas and motion movement.


    • Ali 's photo avatar
      Ali — 26.04.2017 12:53
      Hi Shahmudin, Keeping the bowel moving well is likely to help greatly with the reduction of gas, so this is good news.


    • Leah's photo avatar
      Leah — 04.07.2017 20:04
      Thank you for mentioning apple cider vinegar. The other day I didn't have a lemon to add lemon juice to my water. Apple cider vinegar worked great!


  • Janice's photo avatar
    Janice — 25.04.2017 07:49
    I have cut bread out of my diet as i think it is yeast that causes me trouble


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 25.04.2017 10:45
      Hi Janice, Yeast can be an issue for some people, but it is often the bread itself, as it can contribute to an overload of wheat, which is quite heavy on the digestive system and may cause bloating and sluggishness. Cutting back on wheat is often very effective if yeast turns out not to be the issue.


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Wondering if you have IBS?

Take our simple, 9 question test to find out.

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As the A.Vogel Digestion expert, I recommend Silicol Gel and Molkosan Original, to help with your IBS symptoms.

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How you eat rather than what you eat can also trigger your IBS. From not chewing your food enough to even how you sit while you eat can all impact affect your IBS!

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