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What can you do to improve the varicose veins on your legs?

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A.Vogel's herbal remedy for varicose veins.

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A.Vogel Talks Varicose Veins

Find out all you need to know about varicose veins and how to combat those dreaded symptoms!

Varicose veins are commonly found in the legs and appear as blue or purple swellings. Here at A.Vogel Talks Varicose Veins, our advisor Helen Cosgrove, provides information on varicose veins, their causes, symptoms and treatments. There is also a Q&A service where you can ask Helen any further questions directly.

Venaforce® – Horse Chestnut tablets for varicose veins

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Treatment for varicose veins. Also available in 60 tablets size.
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What's being asked

Do varicose veins make your legs swell?

Yes, varicose veins can make you legs swell. Aside from the visible symptoms, there are a number of ...
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What can I do to ease the symptoms of varicose veins?

The seeds of horse chestnut have been used for ages to treat varicose veins. Horse chestnut seeds ...
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Can weight lifting cause varicose veins? I have done radio frequency and the doctor said that this could happen.

There are a variety of causes of varicose veins which include your gender, age and family history. ...
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Here’s what I recommend

As the A. Vogel Circulation expert, I recommend Venaforce® horse chestnut tablets and Venagel, to help ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

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