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Watery eyes

The causes and treatments of watery eyes

Watery eyes are a fairly common complaint and are rarely serious. On this page, find the causes and treatments of watery eyes, as well as any underlying conditions that your watering eyes might indicate.


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  • Gerald Hill's photo avatar
    Gerald Hill — 06.01.2018 13:05
    Can you help my right eye waters and sprays tears on to the back of my glasses


    • morag's photo avatar
      morag — 08.01.2018 10:50
      Hi Gerald Have you had this checked out by your optician or doctor? Thanks


  • Meresa 's photo avatar
    Meresa — 06.01.2018 10:12
    Good Morning I have a watery eye I went to the eye clinic and they said that my tear duct is blocked but they refuse to give me the stem treatment to unblock the tear duct it has been blocked for many years ..they gave me some eye drops to put in my eyes which don't work... the drops just pour out the eyes so it doesn't treat the eye.. they gave me ikervis 1mg ... but I do not see any difference so it does not work ... please is there anything else I could do to stop this condition it is very frustrating and I seem to have pain in my eye and it is very uncomfortable .. I have tried hot compression eye patches heated) I have tried so many different things to unblock the tear duct and nothing seems to work my eye just swelled up like a balloon every morning and looks horrible it is only under one eye .. it is making me very depressed when I've now gone on to antidepressants pls could you help me ...


    • morag's photo avatar
      morag — 08.01.2018 10:50
      Hi Meresa There is a product called Serapeptase which is known to dissolve blockages and tissue build-up in the body so you could do a little research into this to see if it would be of benefit for you. You may also find taking Urticalcin helpful especially if the blockage is due to a calcium build-up.


  • Jane Arthur Dickson's photo avatar
    Jane Arthur Dickson — 15.12.2017 20:43
    I have had my eyes lazered 4 years ago. I am 82. The watery eye is a new problem particularly my right eye. I use Blink intensive soothing eye drops. It helps but the screen use, piano playing, reading and driving cause irritations.


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 19.12.2017 13:23
      Hello Jane, You could try the Avogel UK Eye drops with Euphrasia to see if this helps your watery eyes. Let the optician know your symptoms as well just to check everything.


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